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Life Update + The Best Gluten Free Brownies

Oh hello. Hi. It's been a while! Life has been crazy busy for us over the past couple of months & I'll be honest...I've been trying to figure out exactly where I want to go and what I want to specialize in. I'll spare you all the details but it's been a journey for sure! Here's a short list of things in our life that have happened:

  • Wedding planning has been in full force! Just over 10 months until the big day!

  • The kids are busy as heck with school this year + we're starting to plan for spring fast pitch season (I coach Ryleigh's team and it's THE BEST!)

  • Our full time business is insane right now! I got to come back from a forced time out from working 🙄 in October & it's been chaos (in the best way) since!

  • BIGGEST NEWS! I got a huge workup of labs back a couple weeks ago to find out I am now NEGATIVE for all autoimmune conditions. I'm still in shock and have so much gratitude for what my body and I have done together. That's another post for another day (and a live zoom call I'm doing on Tuesday 11/23 if you want to join in!)

The other big thing that I've been focusing on is cultivating my love for food. Specifically baking, but really cooking in general. I'm mesmerized by food's ability to be medicine and the fact that I am living proof of that! So as I've been following that ping to dive into my cooking & baking...I've been a little more open to sharing it on social media. And the response has been overwhelming! we are. I'm going to use this blog as a way to share recipes, some family stuff, my health & hopefully teach you guys something cool along the way! oh and bring you along as I start my own bakery...there's that too. oh and my goal is to not be one of those blogs that makes it impossible to find the actual recipe. That's the worst, ya know? Okay let's talk about brownies 😋😋 Gluten free brownies are a tricky bugger. They usually tend to be pretty meh at best. But I have cracked the code! If you're looking for a fudgy, rich, delicious it is. And in my option you can't even tell it's gluten free! Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownies with Cherry Sauce

*You can absolutely choose to use vegan butter to make this recipe. I, personally, am dairy free munis the occasional use of butter, ghee & raw milk. I'm a huge fan of healthy forms of dairy but never not organic, grass fed & non gmo and preferably raw if possible! I decided to use grass fed organic butter here vs the vegan butters filled with oils, soy and other sketchy ingredients. *I use allergen friendly chocolate chips in all of my baking. Either these or these . Both I find at my local Giant Eagle most of the time. Enjoy Life I don't typically find white chocolate options. *One of the most important parts of Gluten free baking is weighing your ingredients rather than measuring them. It 1000% does make a difference. If you have a kitchen scale, get it out. If not I'll alway do my best to give you both measurements.

*There is a LOT of sugar in this. It's brownies! I used organic cane sugar this time but I'm going to play with coconut sugar at some point too! I'll update when I try that. Brownie Recipe

  • 1 Cup butter (250g)

  • 4.5 oz dark chocolate chips (125g)

  • 4.5 oz semi sweet chocolate chips (125g)

  • 3/4 C Gluten-free all-purpose flour I use this (100g)

  • 1/2 C cocoa powder (50g)

  • 3 large eggs

  • 1 1/2 C organic cane sugar (280g)

  • 2 oz white chocolate chips (60g)

  • 2 oz semi sweet chocolate chips (60g)

  • 2 oz dark chocolate chips (60g)

Cheery Sauce Recipe

  • Small bag frozen cherries (fresh is preferably if in season!)

  • 1-2TBS cane sugar

1TBSP fresh lemon juice Directions

  1. Preheat oven to 350 + line your dish ( 7x11in) with parchment paper. This is super important. Gluten free baked goods stick quite often.

  2. Double boil the first two chocolates (4.5oz of each) mixed with the butter. I use two pans of different sizes because that's how my Mamaw taught me but you do whatever your method of double boiling is. Stir constantly until it's a shiny chocolatey sauce. Remove from heat and let cool to room temp.

  3. Sift flour + cocoa powder and mix together.

  4. Whisk together eggs + sugar. I did this in my kitchen aid with the whisk attachment.

  5. Then add chocolate mixture once it's cooled.

  6. Don't over mix, just gently fold in until you have a beautiful chocolate mixture (It should be shiny!)

  7. Fold in four + cocoa mixture and mix until well combined.

  8. Fold in chocolate chips.

  9. Spoon into dish & bake for 45 minutes. Mine was a little longer than that I think. With gluten free baking it's always ideal to set a time and then watch the last few minutes because it can really vary on cook times! Make sure toothpick or butter knife comes out clean!

  10. While brownies are baking make your cherry sauce by boiling down all sauce ingredients. I didn't want chunks of cherries in mine so after it was fully boiled down I strained out the sauce from the skins of the cherries that were left. I had a rich red, delicious sauce that really brought a great contrast in flavor to this brownie!

Tag me on Facebook or Instagram if you make these! xoxo Allissa

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