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Self Care Mini Course

The irony of me writing this course right now is really uncanny. In a season when I could be down and out...a victim to circumstance, I said nah I'm going to lean into self care and take the first step to building something I've dreamed about for years.

I'm in such a bizarre time that I'm not entirely sure how to put into words (that I'm allowed to say 🙄) other than my career that I've built for almost 8 years is currently on "pause" while I wait an agreed upon amount of time to jump back in and actively work again. I didn't ask for it and the whole story is one to be shared another day but to say opened up some doors for me is an understatement. Therefore, I'm pretty freaking thankful for all of it! Without this small hiatus, this blog would still be a "one day" dream for me.

I have been on a crusade to heal my body for 3 years now. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in January 2018 and shortly after went through a divorce. With that divorce I found my now fiancé who happens to be a dietitian that specializes working with people who have autoimmune conditions. Long story short, he was the person who first introduced me to the idea that I don't have to be sick forever. And it's been a journey ever since. I'll do another post another day giving a full run down of the whole journey but in short...I was doing all the things and making some progress but then it all halted. I couldn't figure out what the missing piece was because I was doing everything on paper but then my lab results weren't changing and I was still very symptomatic. Finally, around March 2021, it really clicked for me. The magic was in the work I was avoiding...the inner work. The stress management, the boundaries, the shadow work....the self care. So I dug into that. And within a week I couldn't believe the difference I felt and then started to see reflected in labs shortly after. And all I wanted to do was scream it from the rooftops that we're missing such a huge part of this and it costs very little/no money at all. And that's when my whole dream started to play out in health coaching. I knew it was all going to align one day in perfect, divine timing and here we are. I'm excited to bring you all along this path with me. We'll start with self care but diet and lifestyle won't be skipped here either. I can't wait to see how it all unfolds step by step together! xoxo Allissa

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