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The Lone Gluten Free Weirdo + Incredible Apple Pie

It's full blown Holiday Season up in here and I have embraced my role as the one in the family that no one knows what I actually CAN eat. *eye roll* I love them and I have embraced my family title but when the comments are made it always makes me wonder, why does everyone find it so difficult to put real food in their bodies? .....that's what humans were made to consume. Whole, real, from the earth food...but I'm the weirdo because I'm gluten, dairy, soy, nuts & grain free ( + very minimal caffeine, alcohol & sugar 😜)

I never ever have gluten, soy or grains. Dairy only in the form of raw dairy occasionally and organic grass fed butter only in baking and then ghee in cooking. Nuts maybe once every couple of months. Caffeine only in natural forms on days that I work out (my favorite greens supplement in my water bottle while I lift at the gym), alcohol only in the form of a glass red wine once a month max and sugar very rarely...I stick to coconut sugar, maple syrup, honey and pure cane sugar when needed. Not too weird right? I get it, I really do. Most people look at my diet and are like why the hellllll would you do that. Because I'm healthy. Like REALLY actually healthy. That is proof that food is medicine. When I cleaned up my diet my body healed. And that's not a coincidence. So what do I do about holidays and gatherings? I plan for special occasions because it is a priority to me to keep my body healthy. I don't believe in restriction to the point of a negative mental health impact. And I DO let myself enjoy some fun food under the above guidelines I found to work best for myself. If you're a "weirdo" in your family. I hope you know I'm proud of you for prioritizing your health and setting boundaries for what works for you! Here is the apple pie that I made for thanksgiving that was SO FREAKING GOOD. Better than any non gluten free pie I've ever had 😉 I had so many messages about me selling these too..maybe that should be a thing for Christmas... hmm... Most of my recipes are crafted from several others that I have put together over the course of time. But this exact recipe is the one that I used for the crust of my pie and it is to.die.for! BEST PIE CRUST So, of course make the crust first. Fully read the recipe & directions as it takes multiple steps of chilling & baking before it's done. Apple Pie Filling & Crumble


85g / 7TBSP light brown sugar

100g/ 3/4 C gluten-free flour. I use this one 1 tsp vanilla

85g/ 1/3 C Butter. Melted & cooled. 1. Melt butter & let cool to room temp. 2. Mix all ingredients together until you have a doughy mix. It should be thick.

3. Chill until filling is done.


80g/ 6.5 TBSP light brown sugar

15g/1 TBSP butter

550g/ about 1 lb apples (I used some bought from a local orchard, I think they were Bramley)

1 TSP cinnamon

2tsp lemon juice + more if needed. always fresh squeezed if possible.

2 TBSP corn starch + more if needed to thicken juices from apples.

1. Peel & slice apples into long thin slices. Do not chop them small. They will cook and some will fall apart becoming smaller. 2. Melt brown sugar + butter in a large sauce pan. Fully melt together.

3. Add apples + cinnamon + lemon juice.

4. Mix together and cook until the apples cook down & you can see the juice start to appear.

5. Add the corn starch & stir until it thickens. 6. Fill pie crust with even layer of filling.

7. Spread the crumble topping over the filling.

8. Bake for 30 minutes @400 degrees. Watch closely for last 5 to make sure any exposed crust does not burn. Serve warm with your favorite vanilla ice cream. I had coconut milk ice cream with mine (pictured above!). If you make this for your next gathering, take a picture and tag me! xoxo Allissa

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